New MERCURY Kickstarter Campaign gone LIVE

Mercury (Short Film)

Mercury: A short film by Kyla Simone Bruce and Gorana Jovanović | An illustration by Esme Davies

What's up?

We are shooting MERCURY, Kyla Simone Bruce and Gorana Jovanović new short film. We won the Shorts TV Pitch in Cannes and now we need more money! Please visit our KICKSTARTER PAGE and check out our instagram.

As 2017 draws into winter Life to Live Film's projects continue to flourish.

We continue to garner support for La Fille De L'Estuaire | Girl from the Estuary which we are in the process of financing. We have shot a mood film, some test scenes, have our main French casting in place - and have found our Marnie - the film's little heroine from Finistère Nord in Brittany. Do get in touch if you want to help us with our venture and see any of our materials.

PFM and Émergence

Behind the scenes at Film London's PFM and Émergence award party

We have progressed well with our two other projects too. Kyla Bruce won €5,000 towards making our short film Mercury which we can now shoot this year. She participated in Cannes with ShortsTV's Pitch competition and won! You can see her proudly brandishing her oversized cheque in front of the Croisette beach. Kyla and Gorana Jovanovic are working on our super cool low-budget girl road movie The Cockatoo Inn, which is set 6 years after Mercury.

Kyla wins €5000 prize at Cannes

We have secured development funding from SFTN for Rachel Maclean's first feature project, a young woman navigating a post-apocalyptic dystopian world...

And venturing into the world of TV and series...

We are working with Rachel Tillotson on a darkly satyrical "Fleabag meets Twin Peaks" comedy series about murdered women desperate to be found so they can move on to the better place. They lie in ditches, on wastelands and in cellars 'waiting' to be found. Invisible to the living, they 'rise' from their murder locations and, bored, they hang out with one another, while the bungling police take their time... And despite being a very busy lady with her Prevenge sequel Timestalker, we are excited that Alice Lowe has got behind the project as well.

And otherwise...

A new set of Guiding Lights have been chosen for this year, but my mentoring with the amazing Amanda Posey continues a little while longer. We had a wonderful panel to close the year off, facing our pitches and giving us invaluable feedback. Thank you (and here they are)!

GL8 Panel.png

Guiding Lights pitching panel at The October Gallery in London - Alex Stolz (Film Disruptors), Celine Coulson (Film4), David Segal Hamilton (BFI), Jeremy Baxter (Riverstone Pictures) & Hilary Davis (Bankside)

For any further enquiries please get in touch via email

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